terça-feira, maio 31, 2011

Comenius Project RECICLE- FINAL MEETING– may 8

Between 8 and 12 May the team partners of the RECICLE Project met in Serpa, PORTUGAL, for the final meeting. The main objective of the two year project was to bring up “Responsible Citizens Through Scientific Knowledge”.

Comenius Project RECICLE- FINAL MEETING –May 9


After welcoming the team partners, each team presented this school year activities whose topic was energy. After the hardworking morning, students and teachers had a terrific lunch in the school canteen and got ready to the afternoon activities: a visit to the biggest photovoltaic central station and a pedestrian walk to river Guadiana (Which means in Arabic “Ana’s River”).

In the evening, teachers had a pleasant walk through the historic streets of Serpa while heading to a cozy restaurant “Molhó Bico” in the city centre. The evening ended with a short night sightseeing. Everybody was dead tired but tremendously happy.