segunda-feira, maio 30, 2011

Comenius Project RECICLE - FINAL MEETING –May 10

The day started very early. At 7:30h the teams were in a Coach to visit Évora, which is 100km away from Serpa.

Évora, capital of Alto Alentejo, city of an outstanding beauty, embraced by its fortress walls, filled with historic memories in each street, home, inhabitant…Its squares and monuments tell us national history, religion and culture episodes. The natural beauty of this region combines with the monumental richness of this town-museum that nowadays is also a modern and touristy city, classified by UNESCO, since 1986, World Heritage.

The teams spent all morning visiting the city. By noon, the students and the teachers visited The University campsite and were explained by a former graduated student about a project which links solar and wind power as to produce electricity.

Everybody was starving when they finally got into the restaurant to have a regional gastronomic experience. When getting into the Coach visitors couldn’t imagine what they were about to see.

The vineyards are an integral part of the Alentejo since immemorial time. In the surroundings of Évora, the Cartuxa Winery is a must do visit. Wine is somehow the economy base of Portugal.

The medieval village of Monsaraz, managed to maintain their characteristics over the centuries. A trip to Monsaraz is also a journey through time as it is a unique place where one can find peace and tranquility forgotten by modern times. From the castle you can enjoy a splendid view over the biggest artificial lake of Europe, Alqueva.


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