segunda-feira, maio 30, 2011

Comenius Project RECICLE - FINAL MEETING –May 11

The time was running fast to departure. In the morning, students and some teachers were very busy doing experiments and having fun by creating soaps, bouncing balls and preparing mayonnaise. In another room were a group of teachers (not having so much fun) completely absorbed filling in assessment forms and compiling information.

Goodbye was closer than ever. At 8 p.m. teachers, students and host families gather in the school canteen to have dinner. Regional dishes were eaten by the sound of the famous Fado singer Mariza.

Immediately after, a Disco party rocked the students. Dance and music shortened differences and brought youngsters even closer. At 11 o’clock was time to go home and rest. Teams would leave but friendship and knowledge will stay forever craved in their lives.



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